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To Be a Leader in the Field of Intelligent Access Control!

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  • Stainless Waterproof Face Swing Barrier Turnstile Gate With Access Control
  • Swing Gate Turnstile
  • Bi Directional Waist Height Swing Gate DC Brushless Motor MBCF

    New released swing gate

    most competitive price swing gate, original turnstile factory

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  • Blushless Motor Waist Height Swing Gate IP65 Turnstile For Hospitals Schools
  • Face Recognition Access Control System

    temperature face recognition terminal

    Face recognition temperature measurement terminal Detect Fever without a Thermometer Infrared Body Temperature Detection System

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  • ARM Core Processor Anpr Car Parking System / Lpr Parking Solutions For Business Centers

    LPR Camera Boom Barrier Gate System

    This LPR Camera Boom Barrier Gate System is used for parking fee management and vehicle traffic control.

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  • Security Car Barrier Gate Straight Arm For Parking Lot Entry And Exit Control Systems

    parking barrier gate

    This parking barrier gate is used for vehicle traffic control.

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DOOR is a top manufacturer of pedestrian turnstiles and car parking products, has its own hardware and software.
DOOR is a well-known brand in China.


DOOR was established in 2005, reconstructed in 2011 and listed in 2015.
We are the first company who produced China First LPR System successfully.


Standard of DOOR service: Professional, responsible and thinking in the position of customers.
Over 100 patent and software copyrights.

our team

DOOR has about 400 employees with 160-person R&D team, 20-person customized team.
We are expanding our distribution net all over the world.

Shenzhen Door Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd
Overview of Shenzhen Door

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Parking Devices Production Center

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To Be a Leader in the Field of Intelligent Access Control!

Stock Code:832966

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  • Speed Gate Turnstile
  • Swing Gate Turnstile
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Many Colleages Choose Door's Parking Devices and Pedestrian Turnstiles
On August 3, 2021
With strong R&D of DoOr Intelligent Control (stock code: 832966), a leading intelligent access control industry, the five systems supported by DOOR Cloud, more than 60 types of one Netcom smart products, are high-end style, safe and convenient, excellent in function, and clear in appearance. Dorr’s ...
Excellent Employees in 2020 Tour to Yunan
On April 14, 2021
During the Chinese Tomb-sweeping Day, 24 outstanding employees in 2020 of Shenzhen Door (stock code: 832966) have on a 5-day tour of Yunnan. On April 2, they set off by plane from Shenzhen airport to embark on a colorful tour of Yunnan. Yunnan is known as the kingdom of animals and non-ferrous ...